Post Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:55 am

To The Guys In Afghanistan

From Nikki to all of the guys out in Afghanistan.

So brave and tall you stand,
Bringing peace and safety across the lands,
Fighting a war that is not your own,
Unsure of where you are being flown.
Prepared to lose, prepared to suffer,
No other task could ever be tougher.
Yet the heartache of missing home
They never trained you to feel so alone.
But to you all I send my love,
Be safe, be brave and look above
When things are seeming oh so tough.
We share the same air and so I blow
A kiss to you all to let you know
That you are our heroes and bring us pride
So we can put our fears aside.
We owe you more than we will ever know
Your our pride our joy our unsung heroes