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Hello! Newbie

Hi there, im 21 and my boyfriend has just been deployed to afghan yesterday morning. He was meant to go at the weekend but their flight was delayed. I'm so worried because he's going to the same camp as Prince Harry, where there was all the shooting over the weekend, (which is probably why they were delayed going)
I'm so terrified that something is going to happen whilst he's out there and i can't stop checking the news to see whats going on! :(
Also im going crazy not knowing if he's even going to be able to call me or get online to check his messages due to extra security!

Is any one elses partners currently at that camp?

And how do you stay sane!!

Please help and advice on how to stop myself from going sick with worry!!

Thank you



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Re: Hello! Newbie

Hey Newbie lol,

One tip I was given is dont check the news actually dont watch it full stop it gets your mind worrying. He will be ok as you know my partner is out there at the camp to so they will both be fine together.

We can be each others tour buddies lol and keep each other sane I'm going to post you that book so you can see what I mean when I say it is a life saver.

Chin up sweetie I know it seems hard atm but will get easier in time and it will be over before you know it.

Cyber hug for u xx


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Re: Hello! Newbie

Hi Beca

Welcome to Forces Chatter..I so understand your fears..But please dont worry he will be safe..My son went out at the end of February and is now back safely..Camp Bastion is such a big place..Its the size of Reading..So he will be there a few days then he will go out to his FOB..

But its amazing how well they are protected..

So glad you have found the site..I hope to catch up and have a chat in the chat room..Judith is so lovely and has got so much usefull information so make sure you have a read of it..

I know it helped me loads..

Hope to chat soon

Love Dee xx

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