Post Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:33 pm


Hi All

Well my Son is now safely home and getting back to life in camp..He said it was an experience out there..The highlight was getting parcels and eblueys.

he said that the best bit was when they had competitions to see who got the most parcels or the strangest items in the boxes..

he enjoyed getting all the fun items for the cheers up the troops challenge..Derryck is a chef so the Apron one was brilliant for him..

Well for me its back to being bored now he is home..I cant do the challenges anymore as i have no one to send to..So if any of you need one sent out to someone or you know someone who would appreciate it.. then i dont mind doing it..

Hope to catch you in the chatroom for a gossip, chat, laugh and cry..

We would love to have some new people. I am an army mum and i know the pain of your loved one going on tour.

Take care
many thanks to \judith

Love Bored Dee xxxx