Post Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:02 pm

12 Months Later

Hiya Judith

Well its now been 12 months since i found Forces chatter. I cant be-leave how much has happened during that time. Derryck going out and coming back safely from Afghan..The tears i cried, The sleepless nights. The not hearing from him..The six weeks there was no contact at all was murder. But then when i finally spoke to him..Oh it was Heaven.

But during all this time..Who was there. anytime night or day.To keep me going and giving me a cyber hug. Well that was you Judith. I cant thank you enough for all the help you gave me and other Mums, Girlfriends Sisters, brothers even dads.

This site is a godsend and i will always be proud to say i needed you..If you had not done this site . I know i would have crumbled. The fun we have in the chat room and the monthly Challenges you set are so good..I know Derryck enjoyed getting his parcels as he never knew what he would find.

So thank you and keep up all the good work you are doing.

if you are new to the site. then welcome to all..You have got a lovely ward place with people to help and to listen who have been there and got the certificate to prove it..

So pull up a chair and pop into the chat room for a natter and even to toast our heroes.

Love , Hugs Kisses

Love you Sis.

Love Dee xxxx :D :lol: