Post Wed May 26, 2010 12:11 pm


:D :D :D :D BOOST THE TROOPS CHALLENGE. GO GO GO It is a sun hat this time. personalise it with writing,paintings,prints,glitter,glue & dangle stuff on it to look zany. As potty as possible. Get your arty side going.Some photo shops have machines to print on so maybe one of you. Give updates as to how you are getting on & how stuck up you are. All post on the same day 3rd June so troops get approx same time.Get stuck in!! Try & send more than 1 so your chap can give to his mates.Get kids friends & family to do it.We gonna decorate that camp with sun hats & spread smiles & cheesy grins galore.They need a laugh so all do it eh gals.You know we are fantastic at cheering them up so lets make a big splash at this. Put a note in that they have to send you a photo back to prove hes worn & run round in it at least once.GO GO GO!! Today is day 1 & you have a week.It is something kids love doing too. Boost up yourselves as well as them. Yaaayyyyyyyyyyy have fun. May become official part of uniform to frighten the Taliban. :D :D :D :D
Judith xx
PS. The title to go on this parcel is MAD HATTER. put it on back in big letters to baffle & tease posties & make them wonder what is its contents lol.