Relaxation/Visualisation tips



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Relaxation/Visualisation tips

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Do u find yourself having problems drifting off to sleep and lie in bed for hours counting sheep??,Or do you feel quite anxious at times & stressed & find it extremely hard to relax and unwind??,..
Well below are some simple tips you could try for helping you to relax, to either calm and ease anxiety or to help you simply drift off into a peaceful nights rest & sleep.
Firstly simply switch off your phone so that you wont be disturbed and ensure that you are NOT too hot or too cold.

Now lay down on your bed and slowly breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
Allow your breathing to slow down and breathe in positive thoughts and allow all negative thoughts of the day to be exhaled out through your mouth.

1.As you breathe in, (hold the breath each time for a slow count of 4 seconds, this allows your breathing to get in rythm with your heart beat and will aid your body to to relax), scrunch up your toes & hold for the count of 4 seconds, now as you breathe out gently through your mouth release your toes & allow them to sink into the bed,

2.Now repeat the same process, take another gentle breath in through your nose and pull in the muscles in your calves and thighs, then hold for a count of 4 secs, then ever so gently, slowly exhale and allow your calves & thighs to sink into the bed

3.Repeat & breathe in for a count of 4, breathing in only positive thoughts,& pull in the muscles around your lower back, buttocks & abdomen, then after 4 secs, gently breathing out all negative thoughts, release & relax those muscles and allow them to sink into the bed

4.Take a slow deep breath in through your nose and pull in the muscles around your shoulders, arms & clench your fists,....then slowly breathe out & allow the muscles to relax and rest into the bed, unwind your hands and feel all the tension flow out of your hands

5.Now the last exercise u need to do really is to screw up your face tightly after taking in a deep breath in through your nose,... then gently as you exhale unscrew your face feel the tension rise over the top of your head and allow it to flow out of you......

Now just let your body sink into the bed and any thoughts that come into your head, let them come in & just go....... 8-)

Imagine yourself in a room and their is a door, you see a handle,...turn the handle on the door and you see a wonderful white fluffy cloud, You step on the cloud & feel how warm & comforting this is to you.... You can lay here for as long as you like & feel the soft, relaxing embrace...

If you believe in Angels then you can feel, the warm, white, feathery angel wings wrap themselves around you in almost a soft, calm, safety , net and rocking motion...

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a warm, sandy beach...You can feel the sun shining down on you and the gentle spray on the sea upon your face as the waves gently roll up on the beach...You can feel the soft, golden sand under your feet and in between your toes, this feels so good...their is a palm tree swaying in the breeze,...ahead of you u can see a sun lounger, you walk over to it and lay down on it, you can feel yourself sinking into it and looking out into the deep blue sea ahead & allow all thoughts to gently flow out of your mind..... :) :)

(You can do this visualisation/relaxation exercise with any subject such as walking in the woods, near a stream, in the countryside, anything that you enjoy doing).

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Re: Relaxation/Visualisation tips

I love this, but I visualize that I am lying in a huge king size bed with millions of pillows, snow and freezing outside but I'm all cwtched up with the fire roaring and smell of home made cooking, haha!xx

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