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Foods & Drinks to help & induce Sleep!...

Here are a list of 7 types of Foods & Drinks, (plus their health benefits), to help encourage and aid a peaceful nights Sleep (and their reasons why)[/u]

1) Slices of either lean beef, chicken,or tuna in a wholegrain sandwich, ideally at least 1 - 2 hours before before bedtime. (Beef,chicken & tuna all contain essential vitamins such as vitamin B12 & Iron).

2)Turkey,chicken,tuna,soya food products,wholegrain bread. (These all contain tryptophan and help the body to produce Serotonin, which helps us relax and eventually drift off to sleep.

3) Oats,sweetcorn,Rice,Cherries.(I know some of this may seem bizarre but these foods all contain Melatonin.If you are one of the type of persons that have trouble with your body clock, for e.g., you are a New Mother with a little baby and you lie awake for ages, or you do shift work, then try out some of these food types to regulate the sleep-wake cycle).

4) Wholegrains,milk,green leafy vegetables,cashew nuts (unsalted). (These food types are good source of Magnesium but always ensure if eating nuts that they are unsalted so that sodium levels can be kept to a minimum.

5)Wheat,oats,wholegrain cereals,Oatmeal & wholemeal bread.
Cereals increase & help induce sleep as they contain tryptophan (the amino-acid).

6) Soya milk,cows milk, cheese,yoghurt. Try having a nice warm glass of milk before going to bed, said to be really calming and soothing. You could always add a few scoops of Horlicks or Ovaltine for a really, relaxing bedtime drink. (They even do these drinks in original version flavour or Chocolate, plus light variety for those of you wishing to count calories).

7) A nice cup of tea, but if your having problems sleeping then please try and make sure that it's de-caffeinated.
Why not opt for something herbal such as Camomile tea, this has a distinct flavour on its own but also comes mixed with other flavours such as Vanilla,honey & lemon. Most supermarkets now stock this type of tea and it is extremely relaxing,calming and induces sleep.

I hope that some of these hints & tips may be of some use to you all. :D :D :D .

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